HomeQ&AIs it more correct to say "me borraron el tuenti" or "borraron mi tuenti?"

Is it more correct to say "me borraron el tuenti" or "borraron mi tuenti?"


When do you use direct object pronoun+ verb + direct object and just verb+direct object?

My spanish friend said "me borrarron el tuenti" And I was wondering. :D

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posted by Gaspard
It's the indirect object ME. They deleted it ON/TO/FOR me. - webdunce, JUL 9, 2010
Not to be confused with the direct object ME...heheheh. - webdunce, JUL 9, 2010

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Ajajaja, ME borraron de tuenti también!! No es la culpa de mí que no puedo poner mi país o ciudad correcta.

What your Spanish friend said was "they erased my tuenti" referring to his account on there. You don't have to say "mi tuenti" because you already said me borraron. It's obvious as to whose tuenti you're referring. For other people who don't know, tuenti is like the facebook of Spain, just for some dumb reason it's Spain-only and invite-only. My Spanish friend invited me but I guess since I always logged on from computers and my phone which are in the US and not Spain, they figured I wasn't really from Spain, did not really live in Segovia, and did not work at the McDonald's there. Also, tuenti is a combination of the words tu + enti(dad), or "your entity."

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cool info. - webdunce, JUL 9, 2010

Perhaps you would like to say "Me borraron el pisarrón".

They erased the blackboard on me. I can only guess that tuenti is some sort of slang?

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Not slang, a social network. Combination of the words tu + enti(dad), "your entity" - socceryo3, JUL 9, 2010

Hi Gaspard, are you talking about the Social Networking site?

alt text

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¿Qué es el tuenti? rolleyes

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Tuenti es el red social mas popular en España. Se llama "el Facebook" de España. - KevinB, JUL 9, 2010

It's two different ways of saying basically the same thing, but Spanish frequently prefers not to use possessive pronouns like mi, tu, su, etc. Saying borraron mi tuenti could come across (if I understand correctly) like saying they deleted MY account. So, instead one says something like they deleted the account on me.

Think of how they say "I tie my shoes" in Spanish: Me ato los zapatos (I tie the shoes for myself).

Also, I've seen native Spanish speakers on language forums say me corrijan el inglés (correct for me the English) instead of corrijan mi inglés.

But they DO use possessive pronouns and I don't quite have the hang of when to use them and when not to...and I don't think it will be the biggest obstacle. I imagine most English speakers don't use them quite right.

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