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Why are accents and tildes used in spanish?


Please tell me why accents/tildes are used on some words in spanish and not others. Also tell me what grammatical function they have.

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In Spanish, accents are used to do the following:

1.To show stress on a vowel in a word ex. Andrés -as you can see, we are showing stress on the vowel -e -so, to pronounce this, we wouldn't say Andrés like how we say the -e in Andrew but, instead you would use the long a sound in english (like the a in rake) -so, to say Andrés in Spanish is would sound like this (on-drace)

2.The second use of accent marks in Spanish is when you have two spanish words that are spelt the same way but, with the accent have diffrent meanings ex. si- without the accent means if sí- with the accent means yes

In Spanish, tildes are used when:

  • show that the word was spelt with 2 Ns in the past

  • to show the diffrences between two spanish words that are spelt the same that use to be spelt with 2Ns.

  • ex. una means one and uña means nail in spanish

  • remember, when you see the ñ in spanish when saying the word say the word like the -ny sound in the word canyon or for another example the -ni sound in the word onion

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Accents and Tilde are used to change the sound value of the letter.

There is a already a thread for this. Also you can go through the Wikipedia for accents and tilde

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More so, it is used to show on which syllable of a word the stress falls or to differentiate words. Se and sé sound exactly allike. - 0074b507, JUL 9, 2010
The stress changes the pronounciation a bit right??? - Vaanz, JUL 9, 2010
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