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el? vestido y el? bolso??? - gender of Spanish nouns


Ahh come on. ¿Como puedo aprendir hablar las palabras con el corecto artículo, cuando el vestido es masculine?

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Hello, welcome to SpanishDict smile

There are more exceptions than this one, e.g. la mano, el sofá... Well, it's best just to memorize some rules and the exeptions. It's not that difficult, since you need to learn the words anyway.

The links below may be helpful:

SpanishDict - a reference article about gender

gender of nouns

gender of Spanish nouns

noun gender

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Hola Issabela. Muchas gracias para la respuesta. Era preocupado hablar el mal cosa con me genero pregunta! - aprender100, JUL 4, 2010
De nada :) - Issabela, JUL 4, 2010

Hi Aprender.

I understand your pain....learning the gender of nouns is not easy!

In fact, it can be downright confusing, especially with the exceptions to the "a = feminine" and "o = masculine" rule. Here’s a link to a great article in the Reference section on the gender of nouns. You should feel a little clearer after you read this.

Also, Here's a list of some of the exceptions to the rule, for example "la mano" and "el dia."

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¿Por qué los vestidos y los bolsos son masculine? Aren't purses and dresses for girls?

Después pensamiento y interpretación, yo encontro eso es mi pregunta.

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A must rule to learn is that noun's gender and a person's gender (sex) are two different things. Not all nouns relating to the female sex are feminine in gender. ponerse "el" maquillaje...putting on makeup - 0074b507, JUL 7, 2010

El Policía --- aye!

Gracia para las respuetas. Estoy nuevo aqui. I am inspired by the site to start learning from where I left off in high school.

The links you both posted have been good for me review. I like the one to the reference section of this site. I feel safe that I can risk trying to learn and there are materials here and on the internet that will be there to help me.

Most of all are the flash cards and the recall section where you can drill and kill in a fun way. Para la profesiones tengo: el policía, el cartero, el juez, la profesora, el cocinero, el marinero, el mecánica, el fotógrafo, etc.

Great resources.

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