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Please show how the verb Gustar is conjugated for all tenses?


Please explain how this verb is used in the tenses. I get confused because the verb uses the 3rd person singular tense for all persons in the present tense. I can only find sentence examples in the present tense. Does this formula apply for all tenses?

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posted by tcretella

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(yo) le gusto a María. or A María le gusto.

María likes me. I am pleasing to her.

(tú) A nosotros nos gustas tú..

We like you. You are pleasing to us.

(él, ella) A él, le gusta María.

He likes María. Mary is pleasing to him. (compare this to the (Yo) version)

(nosotros) A ti, te gustamos.

You like us. We are pleasing to you.

(vosotros) A ella, le gustáis.

She likes you all. You all are pleasing to her.

(ellos/ellas) A mí, me gustan ellas.

I like them. They are pleasing to me.

Of course, I included a lot of clarification tags and subject pronouns that are unnecessary just to avoid confusion and make the pattern easier to detect.

The point is that gustar can be conjugated in all persons and tenses and moods just like any other verb. The construction is just backwards from the normal SVO.

comment: In your question you seem to be using tense where you mean person. Tense refers to time: present, past, future, etc. Person refers to: I, you, he, she, it, etc.

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Thank you gfreed. I didn't get a chance to study and practive what you laid out. I have now and I follow. Muchas, muchas gracias. Your explanation forced me to read the literal meaning and then convert the thought to its equivalent meaning in english. I just kept getting a mind block, so without your help, I may still have been there.

updated JUL 4, 2010
posted by tcretella

If you put 'gustar' in the search you will get everything you need and if you want to see it all conjugated look under 'more' for the conjugate button. Good luck. If you still have problems come and ask again.

updated JUL 3, 2010
posted by margaretbl
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