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Picture of the day: Miró's sculpture


Post your comments/titles/captions to this picture (both in Spanish and English) and vote for the ones you like. The best answer will be chosen tomorrow on the basis of the greatest number of votes as well as the language correctness.


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My example:


Miró debió de ver a un extraterrestre, ¿no?

Miró must have seen an alien, right?


alt text

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posted by Issabela
Corregid mi español, por favor :)) - Issabela, JUL 3, 2010
alien - sanlee, JUL 3, 2010
I guess that lets out :ET phone home! - LateToDinner, JUL 3, 2010
And the Sunday crossword just asked for "Artist Joan" 4 letters, last letter o! Thank you, Issabela. - LateToDinner, JUL 4, 2010
* - DJ_Huero, JUN 23, 2011

11 Answers


Mae West: "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

¿Es eso una pistola en su bolsillo o eres contento de verme? ... Mae West

She Done Him Wrong - 1933

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posted by LateToDinner
Let's hope it is not Wednesday! - ray76, JUL 3, 2010
This little fella may have been done wrong, but he certainly wasn't ready to give up! - 005faa61, JUL 3, 2010
"su" and "estás" don´t match person - 005faa61, JUL 3, 2010
Thanks, JC, closer? - LateToDinner, JUL 3, 2010

¡Ahora sé donde puedo colgar mi cesta de pinzas!

(Now I know where I can hang my peg basket!)

updated JUL 3, 2010
posted by nonombre
Ow! - LateToDinner, JUL 3, 2010
And now I know why he has turned blue. - ray76, JUL 3, 2010
¡Gracias a Viagra! - 005faa61, JUL 3, 2010

Hola Elliott, estoy vuelta después de 29 años smile

Hi Elliott, I'm back after 29 years

alt text

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posted by Vaanz
devuelta - 005faa61, JUL 4, 2010

Lléveme a su líder.

Take me to your leader. tongue rolleye cool smile

updated JUL 3, 2010
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posted by ray76
"Lléveme" - 005faa61, JUL 3, 2010
Gracias julian mi amigo, i tossed up between the two and the other won. - ray76, JUL 3, 2010

Y ahora sabemos donde Spielberg se inspiró. Miró y se inspiró. En Miró.

And now we know where Spielberg found inspiration. He looked and got inspired. In Miró.

updated JUL 3, 2010
posted by Issabela
¡Excelente! lol - Delores--Lindsey, JUL 3, 2010

¡Seré un poco pequeñito, pero soy bien orgulloso!

I may be a little small, but I'm very proud!

updated JUL 3, 2010
posted by 005faa61
Although it's future simple tense, "Seré" is a stylistic way of saying, "Quizas sea" that is used at least in Mexico. - 005faa61, JUL 3, 2010
And well you should be ... but avoid Annie, she has plans for your "pride" - LateToDinner, JUL 3, 2010
Jajaja! - 005faa61, JUL 3, 2010

Esta estatua puede verse como un extranjero para nosotros, pero en algún lugar del universo hay gente que piensa que él o ella es linda.

This statue may look like an alien to us, but somewhere in the universe there are people who think he or she is cute.

updated JUL 3, 2010
posted by Rolest
You worry me mate there is a difference there you know. - ray76, JUL 3, 2010
Definitely a he. - MattM, JUL 3, 2010
But if it's an alien...how would we know for sure?! jejeje - Dee914, JUL 3, 2010
Well said Dee. In scientific method one conviction is: “the process must be objective to reduce biased interpretations.” - Rolest, JUL 3, 2010
Hermafrodita hermaphrodite ... to defend Rolest's answer. He-she. Not to confuse with Sushi. - LateToDinner, JUL 3, 2010

Debo haber hecho un giro equivocado en la galaxia de Orión. Si solamente había parado y había pedido direcciones….

I must have made a wrong turn at the Orion galaxy. If only I had stopped and asked for directions....

updated JUL 3, 2010
posted by sanlee

Argumentar con tu esposa te afectará así cada vez. ¿Cuándo vas a aprender a no hacerlo?

Arguing with your wife will affect you this way every time. When are you going to learn not to do it? angry

updated JUL 3, 2010
posted by Delores--Lindsey
I cannot see you as that kind of Wife, please tell me i am right ! - ray76, JUL 3, 2010
You are absolutely right! - Delores--Lindsey, JUL 3, 2010

Interesante, como los humanos la extensión en la parte inferior del abdomen es en realidad su cerebro.

Interesting, like humans the extension in his lower abdomen is actually his brain.

updated JUL 3, 2010
edited by MattM
posted by MattM
... los humanos ... - 005faa61, JUL 3, 2010
The curious case of Benj.Button ! Matt is getting younger! - LateToDinner, JUL 3, 2010
Great flick & yes I am :) - MattM, JUL 3, 2010

No tengo la mas mínima idea acerca de esta obra!

I don't have the slightest idea concerning this work!

alt text

updated JUL 3, 2010
posted by 002262dd
No tengo la menor idea..... - MattM, JUL 3, 2010
"más mínima" is OK as well - 005faa61, JUL 3, 2010
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