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Could you check my translations for the rules of an A-Z game? (Please)


I wanted to do another A-Z Game, but this time, I would like to do it with Spanish instructions too. The instructions are translated loosely, don't worry about that- I just want to make sure it would make sense to a native speaker.

DO NOT post answers to the game- This is strictly proofreading--- The game will be posted later with edited directions

The game is titled A-Z Travel/Viajar

Thanks a bunch for any corrections!/¡Muchísimas gracias para algunas correcciones!



-Answers must have something to do with traveling, such as what you would bring with you, how you would get there (plane, boat...), where you would go, the time of year you would go, what you would do/see...

-Make sure you post a picture (when applicable) (not mandatory but greatly appreciated.)

-Answers can be in English or Spanish... Either way, it needs a translation

-Post answers in alphabetical order.

-Always check the newest post to see what letter should be posted next.


-Respuestas necesitan ser relacionadas a viajar, por ejemplo, que traería con usted, como iría allí (avion, barco...), a donde iría, el tiempo del año iría, que haría/vería

-Asegure que incluya una foto (cuando aplicable) (no obligatorio pero es muy apreciado

-Ponga respuestas en orden alfabetico

-Siempre comprobe la posta más reciente para ver cual letra está siguiente

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I believe that this game already exists! - Pajaro44, JUL 2, 2010
sorry, meencanta...this already exists. - 00494d19, JUL 2, 2010
:( - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, JUL 2, 2010
Save your work, you might only have to change the subject from travel to ... Remember: Every cloud ... & When one door closes ... - LateToDinner, JUL 3, 2010
Good point - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, JUL 9, 2010

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Pajaro says it already exists but I don't see one called Travel. I do see Transportation (at least twice), Cars, Countries, Things to carry with you.

I don't say it to discourage you, by any means. You will learn quick enough when you start just how well it is received. There are no blindfolds, walls, or firing squads. Ok, maybe some blindfolds...which is why I stopped in!

I love guidelines ... but not vague ones.

If you require a picture, add a link that will coach folks on how to post a picture. I know now how easy it is but my first few weeks that looked like something for only the professionals!

Answers can be in English or Spanish... Either way, it needs a translation

-"Post answers in alphabetical order."

Then which word needs to be in alphabetical order? I would assume Spanish, but I'm not the one in charge, nor the one trying to include (thank You!) more English learners.

Sorry, I don't think there needs to be a great big manual for A-Z games and I am very happy to see you putting serious thought into this.

A-Z Exasperations will give you more perspectives and

A-Z Similarities has a twist missing from some games, a little more challenge when you have to do the next letter and tie into the previous letter in your answer.

I also think you should announce upfront what letters can be or are to be skipped given the K, X, & Y situation.

Good luck and I'll participate.

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I agree. The A-Z games don't require much in the way of rules, except that the original poster should monitor it to see that people are actually following along A-Z. If a person wants us to post more than just Spanish vocabulary words, then the post - --Mariana--, JUL 2, 2010
....needs a moderator. - --Mariana--, JUL 2, 2010

I was going to post an A-Z game on travel, but saw that there were already a couple of similar threads.

Here are a couple of links to similar games:

A-Z Vacation

A-Z Los Viajes

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