Translate the Tweet: Football allegiances.

Translate the Tweet: Football allegiances.


Here is another silly little tweet to practice your translation skills, this time related to the result of today's World Cup game between Portugal and Spain.

*Advanced students and native Spanish speakers please give a chance to the less advanced students to try it out first!*

Conozco a un hijo de español y portuguesa que hoy debe estar triste...Iba por Italia

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oye..como moderas estos hilos y pides traducción además del sentido...eso podría ir bien a games...se te parece cambias esos hilos a esa categoría. - 00494d19, JUN 29, 2010
Ok. Dudé porque la otra vez te pareció que debía ir en "proofreading", creo - cosa que esto no es. :-) - Gekkosan, JUN 29, 2010
Ay el pobre niño pero por lo menos se quedó en el mediterráneo.... - margaretbl, JUN 29, 2010

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I know a son of Spanish dad and Portuguese mom that must be sad today...he was for Italy...smile

(I think wants to say that he was a fan of Italy)

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You get better at these things every day, luz :) - alba3, JUN 30, 2010
Gracias, Alba:) - luz_72, JUN 30, 2010
I agree with Luz's translation. - --Mariana--, JUN 30, 2010
thanks, Marianne:) - luz_72, JUN 30, 2010
This is pretty accurate. My version would be: "I know the son of a Spanish dad and a Portuguese mom who must be sad today: he was rooting for Italy!" - Gekkosan, JUN 30, 2010
thanks, Gekko:)...I never knew the word "rooting" can be used here...I'm not a native English speaker... - luz_72, JUN 30, 2010

Conozco a un hijo de español y portuguesa que hoy debe estar triste...Iba por Italia

I know a son of Spanish and Portuguese descent that has to be sad today . . .he was going because of Italy.

It's the last part: "Iba por Italia", that has me confused.

Since I'm not a soccer fan (sorry!), I don't know the relationship among Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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posted by Pajaro44
Nice try, but way off in the end. I'm sure it will all become clear as we get more answers. :-) - Gekkosan, JUN 29, 2010
Gekko is the conjuagtion as Conozco correct? I ask this because I know that in the preterite tense the verb 'conocer' has a different meaning - FELIZ77, JUN 29, 2010
@Feliz: It is correct, and that much of the translation Pajaro got right. - Gekkosan, JUN 29, 2010
So, as we see: "Iba por" means to root for, to bet on, to cheer for.... - Gekkosan, JUN 30, 2010
Thank you, Gekko, for your comments. This is a great way to learn about Spanish! - Pajaro44, JUN 30, 2010

OK here goes.

I know a young man of Spanish/Portuguese descent who must be very sad today. He was rooting for Italy.

Bueno, parece un joven bien confuso porque escogió a Italy en vez de uno de los partidos que le habria asegurado una victoria.


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Oh. I wish you hadn't deleted your post, Delores! It may not have been quite right, but we can all learn from the things that some of us find challenging! :-) - Gekkosan, JUN 30, 2010
Here it is again, a day late, but...maybe not a dollar short. :-) - Delores--Lindsey, JUN 30, 2010
¡Ja, ja, ja! ¡Me gusta mucho el comentario al final! :-) - Gekkosan, JUN 30, 2010
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