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how would you say "Love God, love yourself, love others"


I am paraphrasing an extract from the Bible and would like to know how to say "Love God, love yourself and love others" in reference to the "love yourself" it is meant in a positive, rather than a ngeative egotisitcal, arrogant way

updated JUN 29, 2010
posted by spanishneeds

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I looked the passage up in the Bible we've got here at home and I found: "Amarás al señor tu Dios y a tu prójimo, así como a tí mismo."

I've only taken what you need for your translation. The whole sentence is: "‘Ama al Señor tu Dios con todo tu corazón, con toda tu alma, con todas tus fuerzas y con toda tu mente; y ama a tu prójimo como a ti mismo."

That is in Lucas 10.27

BTW: "prójimo" would be "others". It's a word exculsively used in religion.

updated JUN 29, 2010
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