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how do you translate into English "instalaciones hidraulicas"


Se consideran parte del edificio las instalaciones eléctricas, hidráulicas y sanitarias.

How do you translate this sentence into English. I have done research on "hidráulicas" and "sanitarias". The results of my research suggest that "sanitarias" means pluming. It that correct? What is "hidraulicas" in this context? Thank you. Hana

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instalacions eléctricas = the wiring system or equipment (in a building, house, etc)

instalaciones sanatarias = the plumbing system (waste and drain pipes, toilets, etc)

instalacions hidráulicas = the water system, such as the pipes, faucets, and any pumps used to pressurize the water through the pipes, etc.

"The wiring, the water pipes, and the plumbing are considered part of the building."

Hydraulics is the engineering science of applying pressure to liquids to move them from one point to another, eg. water from a well to your kitchen faucet.

Hope this is helpful.

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sanatarias includes vents. Anything conneced to the sanitary sewer system (gravity flow except for sump pump which changes to gravity flow) - 0074b507, JUN 27, 2010
gfreed, you're getting technical now ! - fontanero, JUN 27, 2010
Right. Anything on the supply side, Hidráulicas. Anything on the waste side, Sanitarias. - 005faa61, JUN 27, 2010
I would definitely live in a house that JulianChivis and gfreed build. - lorenzo45, JUN 27, 2010

I would guess it means water pipe systems in this context, probably including water tanks and heating.

I assume this is for a house, or other property. It refers to the electrical, plumbing and sanitary installations. I would also guess that sanitarias means bathroom fittings, sinks, showers and drainage etc.

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Hi. thank you for your answer. It was very helpful. It is always good to understand all the systems and how they work to be able to translate them. Thanks very much. Hana

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