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What is the most heterosexual way to say "Let's hang out" to another guy


I once used salir and said something like this: "Deberíamos salir juntos alguna vez" to a guy that I work with (long ago).....and he thought I was gay and told me that he wasn't gay and so I told him "Too bad..... we could've had fun." Of course I meant that we could have had fun learning Spanish and English together" and I followed it with "Oh and I'm not gay either" but he looked at me weird for the quite some time. What do you think is the best way to ask a male friend to hang out that doesn't speak English when you don't want to be misinterpreted? I think "pasar" also comes across wrong. "Deberíamos pasar algun tiempo juntos". I think "Deberíamos juntarnos alguna vez" is the best way so far. What do you guys think? There is this really funny guy at work and we always exchange funny comments on Saturdays and I want to ask him over to hang out, but it's weird enough trying to make new friends in English without the language barrier in the way. ¿Que opinan amigos? Gracias.

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I think that some people just lead a colorful life. That story was very entertaining. You have a knack for telling humorous stories. I hope you eventually have as least 10 children. They'll love the bedtime stories. - 0074b507, JUN 27, 2010
Juntarse and encontrarse look promising (based on this thread: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=23300), but definitely need to wait for a native on this one. heh. - webdunce, JUN 27, 2010
Great question jeezzle - I think for learners of any "new" language it's those run-of-the-mill type phrases that give us confidence - in many situations. - nonombre, JUN 27, 2010
Destined for a thousand views? - LateToDinner, JUN 27, 2010

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I'm a native speaker of Spanish and let me tell you it is very hard to invite a male friend out without being.. err... "misunderstood", so to speak.

"Deberíamos juntarnos uno de estos días" is by far de safest option. Try to say it as manly as possible (lol) and avoiding intimate expressions and words as "conmigo" or "salir" (that verb generally implies dating, especially if you don't know this guy well).

Another option would be to introduce the purpose of your invitation: "Deberíamos juntarnos para practicar un poco nuestros idiomas..." and then you introduce the beer part: "...y de paso nos tomamos unas cervezas". I guess that sounds masculine enough and does not allow for weird interpretations.

In Argentina I would introduce my invitation with a "che", which is a vocative that kind of "rules out" the dating interpretation. But it only works in Argentina, I suppose: "Che, ¿y si nos tomamos unas cervezas/birras y de paso practicamos hablar en inglés y español?" That's what I would say if I were you, but it sounds very argentine.

Good luck!

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birras.. una palabra nueva. Qué bueno. - 003487d6, JUN 27, 2010
Yup. It's actually Italian for beer, but we use it in Spanish ;) - Lucho, JUN 27, 2010
Una respuesta simplemente P E R F E C T A!!! :) - Benz, JUN 27, 2010

Can I buy yuh a beer?

But leave off the wink or the toothy grin!

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jajaja - Dee914, JUN 27, 2010
In any language I think it's safer to ask if he wants to go grab a beer. - salsero69, JUN 27, 2010
Agreed re: beer. - Gekkosan, AGO 9, 2010

You really make me laugh out loud, Jeez smile I wish I knew what to tell you. Most heterosexual way? Vamos a tomar unas chelas, güey.

I've never heard "janguear" for hang out. I've heard "tirar roll" but my guess is that that is super street slangy given who I heard it from. Maybe "pasar el rato".

Voy a pistear un poco despues de la chamba ¿Quieres pasar el rato?

Good luck with that.

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I thought that meant, "Do you want to pass the rat?" LOL!!! - salsero69, JUN 27, 2010
¡Ja, ja, ja! Really good, Alba! Where I am, however, people wouldn't undertand what the heck you mean by any of that. - except "janguear", which is what they use in Puerto Rico. - Gekkosan, AGO 9, 2010

Jeezzle, your stories just crack me up! I would have responded the same way your co-worker did.

I would use a specific verb, such as "Vamos a tomar unas chelas," or "Vamos al cine," "Vamos a echar ojos a las viejas," "Vamos a estudiar los idiomas," etc.

In your particular case, I would have said, "Vamos a la calle."

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Funny that. If someone says to me "vamos a la calle" I'd be really mystified. I'd have to wonder whether that person's asking for a fight, or something. :-) - Gekkosan, AGO 9, 2010
Gekk, in Mexico DF this is said inside as a suggestion to, ie: buy some Pepsis at the corner store and hang out on the sidewalk drinking them. I used to do this all the time as a kid with friends in Las Lomas de Chapultepec. Good old days of wasting time - 005faa61, AGO 9, 2010

Mire tio! ¿Quiere echar unos tragos?

Hey man! Want to toss back a few?

¿Quiere que charlemos un rato?

Want to shoot the breeze awhile?

Conozco un sitio bien ubicado para mirara las chicas cuando pasen.

I know a place well situated for checking out the babes as they go by!

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I think this is the best answer. Something like, "let's go look at girls" is the best way to let the guy know you are straight! - amykay, JUN 27, 2010
Yes I agree it makes your intentions clear from the start - FELIZ77, JUN 27, 2010

Maybe you could just say something simple like

¿Quieres ir?…..es decir, soy heterosexual y……pues, ¿quieres ir a la bibliote?….no, es que los verdaderos hombres no van a la biblioteca…..tal vez ¿te gustaría ir al?…..recuerdas que te dije que no tengo ni pizca de inclinación sexual hacia los hombres…..¿al bar?…..y no es decir un bar donde ondea la bandera del arco iris sino un bar a donde van los hombres que son totalmente y completamente heterosexuales……es decir que quiero ir contigo a la……pues, no es decir «contigo» sino al mismo tiempo…..sí, eso es….¿quieres ir al bar al mismo tiempo en el que voy a ir también y tal vez, cuando llegamos…..pero no es decir que vamos a llegar «juntos» sino simplemente «al mismo tiempo»….pues, cuando llegamos al bar te gustaría sentarte en la misma mesa…..pero no muy cerca el uno al otro…..en la que estoy sentado…..que quiero decir es que soy totalmente y completamente heterosexual y quiero ir al bar al mismo tiempo en el que vas y sentarnos a la misma mesa para que podamos tomar unas cervezas como amigos muy platónicos y no gay, hablar de temas machos y no homosexuales, mirar a las mujeres bellas….porque eso es lo que hacen los hombres heterosexuales como nosotros ¿no?….y practicar español e inglés mientras hablando de los deportes….pero no de los deportes afeminados sino los deportes varoniles como boxeo y pelea de artes marciales mixta….¡será tan divertido! podemos quedarnos despierto hasta las altas horas de la mañana, compartiendo historias varoniles y mañana…..¡Yo prepararé los waffles!

¿Qué piensas......quieres salir conmigo?

alt text

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You, too, make me laugh out loud :) Freakin' hilarious! d'oh! Jeez, this is by far the safest option I've heard yet ;) - alba3, JUN 27, 2010
This speech reminds me of that saying when you are in a hole... stop digging hhehehe - FELIZ77, JUN 27, 2010
Ira, Eres un genio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chapeua. - melipiru, JUN 27, 2010
Es muy graciosa jajjajaja pero no podría recordar nunca todas estas palabras ! jejejje - FELIZ77, JUN 27, 2010
That was amazinnngg! Que payaso hahahaha - Ashlita, JUN 27, 2010
Oh, dear! This is hilarious... and *so gay*!!!! :-D :-D - Gekkosan, AGO 9, 2010

Colega,necesito practicar el español,¿Qué te parece si nos tomamos unas birras y me echas una mano?

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Bueno, pero esa frase, viniendo de una chica despampanante asoleándose en bikini, ¡la verdad se presta a *muchas* interpretaciones!! ;-) - Gekkosan, AGO 9, 2010

Do not be fooled for them: I think that if you want to spend time whit a new friend, and he speaks spanish ,and if he is from America: We do not usually ivited to a friend go out so firt of all speak whit the true and there are some examples:

Que onda voy a ir a comprar unas cosas para la oficina o la escuela etc. y no se donde. tu conoces algún lugar donde pueda comprarlo?

NO hagas una invitacion directa a un hombre en ocasiones se malinterpreta mejor te recomiendo invitarlo a que te ayude con algo importante para ti. Como comprarle un regalo a tu novia o algo así y seguro asi empezaran una buena relacion como amigos.

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I just did one of Heidita's flashcards sets about romance and love, and it does say "Quieres salir conmigo" is "Fancy going on a date with me?" or something to that effect:


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Oh, yeah! That'll get the straight guy for J!!!!!:) J: be sure to compliment him on his shoes, first! - LateToDinner, JUN 27, 2010
I know, no wonder the guy thought he was gay! He really was asking for a date! - amykay, JUN 27, 2010
lateTodinner: rofl - 0074b507, JUN 27, 2010
Yes, many guys would tell him to 'Swing his hook' / get lost / p#%$ O#@ - FELIZ77, JUN 27, 2010

Yeah, making friends in English is hard enough...let alone a language barrier!!

I agree with asking him to go out for a few beers. Even if you don't drink and even though gay men certainly go out for beer, too, it sounds very platonic when you ask that way.

"Algún día quieres tomar una cerverza afuera?" "Podríamos charlar un poco."

"Quieres salir conmigo" sounds like you're asking him for a date.

Hopefully, Gekkosan will pop in and give you the right words. wink

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¡Ja, ja, ja! Thanks for the confidence, Marianne, but I really can't top the great answers already provided! - Gekkosan, AGO 9, 2010

or #2: You wanna catch the game?

It's a vocabulary thing or maybe a semantics thing.

Guys hangout. All of the time. They hangout at bars, they hangout at car shows, at the game.

It's just not what they usually say they are going to do. I may have heard "let's go down to the mall and check out the chicks." Implied, not stated, is 'Let's hangout'.

But no matter how it was asked, no guy is going to want to be in the middle of running his best line on a lady and have his wing man blurt out "Those are nice! Are they Manolo's?"

So stick to the beer or sport thing.

Good luck!

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I found this on Answers.com

Guy to guy you say: vamos a hangiar - "Lets hang out"

Guy to girl you say: vamos a salir - "Lets go out"

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Not "hanguear" or "janguear"? - 003487d6, JUN 27, 2010
Let's hang out. Well, that could definitely evoke the wrong imagery. - 0074b507, JUN 27, 2010
lol Q. - jeezzle, JUN 27, 2010
Qfreed, jejejeje!!! - Rikko, JUN 27, 2010
Thanx Dandi, I guessed it had been anglicised :) - Kiwi-Girl, JUN 27, 2010

The best way would be: "Cuando nos reunimos para que nos tomemos un par de cervezas y practiquemos ingles y español?".

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In El Salvador the expression would be: Vamos a echarnos unas birrias! Now, with a lot of beers we could practice our Drunk Language! haha

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