Translation help please "Bonita mirala ya metratas se senor bueno..."

Translation help please "Bonita mirala ya metratas se senor bueno..."


Can someone please help me translate the following? Thanks so much!!

bonita mirala ya metratas se senor bueno yase que eso me merescvo por tomtin bueno bonita mira aun que estes enojada no me importa por que yo si te quiero pero eso tu ya lo sabes yase que soy muy pero soy de rancho bueno yase que me per di de mucho pero bueno yasera para la otra cuiodate ok

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Ugh! I hope this is "transcripted" Spanish, and not something that a native Speaker wrote! It is very, very badly spelled and poorly written, I'm afraid. On the other hand, if it is a transcription written by an English speaker from memory, then it is remarkably good!

So, here's a "fixed" version:

"Bonita, mírala - ya me tratas de "señor". Bueno, ya sé que eso me merezco por tontín. Bueno bonita mira, aunque estés enojada no me importa, porque yo si te quiero. Pero eso ya tu lo sabes. Ya sé que soy muy, pero soy de rancho. Bueno, ya sé que me perdí de mucho, pero bueno, ya será para la otra. Cuídate, ok."

Bonita means "Pretty".

"Look at it, Bonita - you are even addressing me as "sir" now. Well, I know I deserve that for being silly. Well, Bonita, look - even though you are mad (at me), I don't care, because I do love you. But you know that already. I know that I am very (? something appears to be missing), but I come from a rancho (depending on where this person is from, that could mean that he claims to be from a slum). Well, I know that missed a lot, but well, maybe next time. Take care, ok."

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Thank you so much for all your help!! - newbie092509, JUN 26, 2010
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