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Vaminos vs. Vamos??


Can anyone please tell me the difference between "Vamos" and "Vaminos"?? WHen should I use one or the other?

updated JUN 26, 2010
posted by jpqueen816

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(Non-pronominal) Vamos is also used for the nosotros command vámonos. (pronominal). I think that they are rather interchangeable.

Clipped online:

"Vamos" may be used as "Let's go", but it's also commonly heard meaning only "Let's". For example: if you say "vamos a jugar al tenis", you're meaning "Let's play tennis".

"Vámonos" can only be applied in case of leaving a place. You wouldn't say it if you wanted to do something in a place.

If you're in a tennis court you'd say "Vamos a jugar" to play tennis; or "Vámonos a comer" to leave the place and go to a restaurant.

More on the subject:

vamos, vámonos, vayámonos

I think as a cheer (Let's go!) it is vamos. Vámonos would be more of "let's leave".

updated JUN 26, 2010
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This is a much better explanation Quentin. :) - Nicole-B, JUN 26, 2010

The correct spelling of the first word is "vámonos" and it is an imperative command meaning "let's go!".

"Vamos" is in the indicative mood and means "we go".

updated JUN 25, 2010
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posted by Nicole-B
Vamos can also be command, I believe. - timothychongg, JUN 25, 2010
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