My friends birthday is today, please help me translate a birthday letter for her!

My friends birthday is today, please help me translate a birthday letter for her!


i have a friend who lives in argentina, and her birthday is today. i want to surprise her with a letter, but i don't know how to say what i wrote in spanish. i would be so happy if someone would translate this into spanish, thanks! smile

"although we haven't been talking much recently, i just wanted to say happy birthday. mostly because i miss you and it feels like i have so much things to tell you! i also want to know how you've been, it feels kind of strange not talking to you. it's kind of crazy that we started talking only a few months ago, though it seems like quite longer than that! you're an amazing friend, and even a better person. you're funny, nice, and you actually listen to my constant talking! but out of everything, i'm glad that i met you. you taught me more than i could have ever learned in school, thank you. i hope that i don't seem insane saying all of this, sorry if i do. oh well, i'll get to the point then. i hope you have an amazing day and maybe it will even snow... you never know."

thanks again, i could never do this by myself smile

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Aunque últimamente no hemos platicado mucho, sólo quise desearte feliz cumpleaños. Sobre todo porque te extraño y siento que tengo mucho en común contigo. Tambien quiero saber cómo has estado, ¡se siente raro no hablar contigo! Es medio loco que hayamos empezado a platicar hace unos cuántos meses, ¡aunque parece que ya hiciera mucho de eso! Eres una amiga increíble y una buena persona.Eres divertida, amable y de hecho siempre me escuchas, ¡y eso que hablo mucho! Estoy contento (a) (if you are male then /o/, if female /a/ de conocerte, tu me enseñaste más de lo que alguna vez pude haber aprendido en la escuela, gracias, espero que no parezca enfermo el decirte todo esto, lo siento si llegara a parecerlo. Bueno, voy al punto. Espero que tengas un día increíble y que nieve, uno nunca sabe.

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This is standard Spanish, not exactly Argentinian. :) - AntMexico, JUN 24, 2010
thank you so so soooo much! :') - AvA126, JUN 24, 2010
también, tú - 0074b507, JUN 24, 2010
Don't you need subjuntive for Aunque? - timothychongg, JUN 24, 2010
Aunque is not a verb Timothy. :) - Nicole-B, JUN 24, 2010
Morbo, this was very nice of you. :) - Nicole-B, JUN 24, 2010
@Timothy Aunque does not always require the subjunctive, only when it's followed by doubt or emotion. I think that here she is just making the statement that they haven't chatted much. :-) - Delores--Lindsey, JUN 25, 2010
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