HomeQ&Awhat does this mean? " Lacho apurate porke dalber esta bien enfermo"?

what does this mean? " Lacho apurate porke dalber esta bien enfermo"?


please translate this for me . lacho apurate porke dalber esta bien enfermo

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. Because this is a learning site and not a free translation service, we'd appreciate it if you'd at least give translating it yourself a try. Post your attempt and we'd be happy to give you suggestions or corrections. That being said, the sentence you're trying to translate is misspelled and a bit garbled, so I'll give you the correct Spanish to start out with. What you're trying to translate should read: "Lacho, apúrate, porque Dalber está bien enfermo." Dalber is a name, and if you Google 'Lacho' the first result is a definition. For anyother words, you can look it up in the search field at the top of this page, which will give you the definition in English. If you're totally lost, go to the SpanishDict homepage and paste the corrected text I gave you into the translation box for a start.

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