What is the difference between "hay" and "hace" when used to explain the weather?

What is the difference between "hay" and "hace" when used to explain the weather?


Would you explain to me how to use hay and hace when we describe the weather? for example, hace sol, hace viento, hace calor, hace frio, hay niebla, hay nieve, I do not know whether I can say hay calor, or hay frio, hay viento? thanks.

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The difference between hay and hace when used to explain the weather

The verb hacer is usually used to describe the weather.

I will give you some examples of how hacer is used. It is always used in the 3rd person singular.

Hace sol = it is sunny

Hace viento = it is windy

Hace nieblas = it is foggy

Hace nubes = it is cloudy

It is raining uses the verb llover = to rain (lluvia = (the) rain and can use the construction está lloviendo or llueve = it is raining

Hay = there is /are and comes from haber It is used to describe what can be seen:

Había muchos nubes en el cielo, esta mañana = There were many clouds in the sky, this morning

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Hay - haber

Hace - hacer

Both are used to talk about some weather phenomena. Haber (hay) often points out visual aspect. Hay mucho sol hoy. The sun is bright today (visual). En Puerto Rico hace sol. It's sunny in Puerto Rico (broad, general aspect of the weather).

I believe that only haber is used for the moon. Esta noche hay luna.


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