"Siento que pudiera haber despertado de un sueño maldito..."

"Siento que pudiera haber despertado de un sueño maldito..."


Does this make sense??

new to the site i think i asked this twice... I had , but that did not sound right...what do you think gracias

Siento que pudiera haber despertado de un sueño maldito, Pensando en el mal tratamiento que me ha dado la gente en mi vida; Pero no es así; estoy vivo, no como mis padres que me amaban.

Por todo el viaje por la tierra, soy no más que polvo: El polvo que, mezclado con el agua de tu espíritu, Se combina para hacer ladrillos de adobe.
Y con estos, se construye un planeta Que rodea el sol.

(I feel that I may have awakened from an accursed dream. Thinking of the bad treatment that people have given me in my life; But it is not so; I am alive, not like my parents who loved me.

For all the travel over the earth, I am no more than dust: The dust that, mixed with the water of your spirit, combines to make bricks of adobe. And with these, a planet is made That circles the sun.)

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yea, that fine. is it like a poem?

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It makes sense to me and it is quite beautiful. Welcome to the forum Ricardo.

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