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Sentence of the day 6/14 We usually go swimming on Saturday.


Solemos ir a nadar los sábados.

We usually go swimming on Saturday.

using the verb soler meaning usually or in the habit of

Normalmente terminamos de trabajar a las cinco en punto.

Usually we finish work at five o’clock.

This was in the dictionary here using normalmente as usually

Por lo general tenemos cena a las ocho de la noche.

We usually have dinner at eight at night.

Here they use an expression por lo general as usually

I will assume that all 3 usages of usuallyare correct but where is the line drawn for which way one is to learn how to use this word?

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fox, include the sentence in the title, for further searches - 00494d19, JUN 16, 2010

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HI fox, there is no difference. Maybe the regional usage , in Spain we often use soler.

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Solemos* ir a nadar los sábados = We usually* go swimming on saturday (soler* lit =to be accustomed to doing)

you can also say

Por lo general vamos a nadar los sábados = Generally (as a rule) we go swimming on saturday

(as a rule is used colloquially or idiomatically here ... not literally)

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