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salirse con la suya - ¿por qué femenino?


La expresión "salirse con la suya" se traduce "to get one's own way". ¿Por qué se dice "la suya"? A qué se refiere? "la cosa suya"? "la idea suya"? "la voluntad suya"?

Muchísimas gracias, porque esto me vuelve loca... raspberry

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It may refer to the intention (la intención). But I could be way off.

Juan: "¡Tenía la intención de que me sirvieran más limonada sin pagar un centavo más y lo logré!" Pedro: "¡Ah! ¡Te saliste con la tuya!"

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My goodness, that is an interesting one MG, I have been looking and searching and I have seen a lot of 'sayings' to do with 'way' and I see that it is translated as meaning 'manera' or 'forma' for example 'he has his own way of doing it' 'tiene su manera de.. o forma de.... hacerlo'. What do you think, it follows along with what you were thinking for it being fem.

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I think perhaps "la suya" is more like "the way that is yours". The "la" (the direct object) would be the "way" that "is yours" (suya). We could transliterate it as "to get the way that is yours". In English we just say, "to get your way" or "your own way" instead. Not sure if that made more sense or just made it worse!

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Sorry, maestra, but "la" is definitely not a direct object here... - mountaingirl123, JUN 15, 2010
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