What does this Spanish phrase mean? "y se me olvidaba......que me regalonee harto."


The Spanish phrase above is from a friend in Chile who is describing the traits, qualities, likes or dislikes in a personal relationship. Thanks.

updated JUN 14, 2010
posted by nycblonde1
"I ate regalonee" is not the correct translation. Regalonee is the subjunctive conjugation of the verb "regalonear" which means "to spoil." I am thinking that it means "I am sick of being spoiled."

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You don't provide a whole lot of context to work with, and you are providing an expression in the peculiar slang of Chile, but given what you have said, it probably means:

"...oh, and I forget... that he/she should spoil me a lot" . This translation will work if the person is talking about what he or she expects from a relationship. Eg: "that he/she is funny, faithful, intelligent, a good cook, and spoils me a lot".

updated JUN 14, 2010
posted by Gekkosan

and i almost forgot..... I ate regalonee

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posted by kweezy93
This is not correct, Kweezy.
that's what it said when i translated it
Huh? What said?