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Is one flag sufficient to draw attention to an obnoxious poster?


Or is it better if multiple members flag a potential 'problem child?' I have seen the (1x) a number of times but I have not seen (2x) or (3x) ... I realize that an offensive post can be edited by those that have the power so that others don't see what generated the original flag, but then it doesn't get a 2d or 3d flag. Is one flag sufficient, or if it looks like it needs attention, should it get multiple flags?

updated JUL 25, 2010
edited by LateToDinner
posted by LateToDinner
thanks for flagging , late, very helpful, I also deleted all the posts, thanks - 00494d19, JUN 12, 2010
thanks to pajaro too - 00494d19, JUN 12, 2010
and WebD. - LateToDinner, JUL 5, 2010

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One flag will call attention. Multiple flags make a point.

updated JUL 5, 2010
posted by nizhoni1
Yes, sometimes I add my flag too just to say "I also think this is awful." - --Mariana--, JUN 12, 2010

jeje, I am just seeing why you are askingraspberry

This member was just removed from the site.

As I said, it sometimes happens with spammers, fortunately we are not their aim, as a learning site is not a good place for spamming as it seemswink

updated JUN 12, 2010
posted by 00494d19

I think the one you're talking about just got a second one. smile

updated JUN 12, 2010
posted by webdunce
In Jack's thread or Mira's? - LateToDinner, JUN 11, 2010
The one about the shoe being on the other foot. - webdunce, JUN 12, 2010
Thank you! Did you get to see they actually tried to defend that before Lady H deleted it?!! - LateToDinner, JUN 12, 2010

Yes, multiple flags are permitted.

updated JUN 11, 2010
posted by mountaingirl123

HI late, yes, we see the flagged post right away, as soon as we connect. And it is true what Niz says, to make a point, you can flag it twice. We then may consider to ban the person, after searching for more inadequate threads by them.

Sometimes this happens with spam.

updated JUN 12, 2010
posted by 00494d19
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