lo imposible es esa brujula rota en el alma

lo imposible es esa brujula rota en el alma


This is a quotation by S. Fehi on a bookmark I bought in Spain in 1989. I do not understand it.

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I'm curious about the text before and after this phrase...can you provide it? - 00813f2a, JUN 9, 2010

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You go, dude! - Valerie, JUN 9, 2010

Thanks to qfreed:

"Lo que pasa es que lo eterno no es de nosotros.

Lo imposible es esa brújula rota en el alma.

El amor de la sonrisa contaminándose más.

Y en el miedo de querer todo lo que está ahogándose."

I think that in this verse what this phrase means is that we are misguided, that we have no real perspective in our lives. That we are not in touch with the reality of the eternal, but lost in the illusory impermanence of our senses.

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Wow, way to go. Thanks, Robertico! - Valerie, JUN 9, 2010

Hi, jillcald. Welcome to the forum.

"The impossible part is that broken compass in the soul". (in context, you would know if it's "his soul", "my soul", or someone else's soul.)

I hope this helps.

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"One's soul"? - geofc, JUN 9, 2010
Geof yes I think you could be right one's soul (generic meaning) - FELIZ77, JUN 9, 2010
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