Feeling Bossy? Command Games (Infinitive Commands)

Feeling Bossy? Command Games (Infinitive Commands)


I thought it would be fun to play several games with the goal of focusing on the different categories of the imperative mood.

This thread will focus on the infinitive commands. This is the command of signs, recipes and instructions. wink

Each person will create a sentence using an infinitive command (either affirmative or negative). The next person will use the first letter of the last word as the beginning letter of the next infinitive verb.

Por ejemplo:

Combinar la mantequilla y el azúcar.

Next sentence: (The infinitive verb must begin with "a")

¡Andar con cuidado!

Please remember to click on the "Newest" tab before answering.

Include the English translation. smile

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Good thtead, Nicole! - mountaingirl123, JUN 9, 2010
good idea - DR1960, JUN 9, 2010
Great Idea, Nicole ! - FELIZ77, JUN 9, 2010
I haven't seen this one, thanks! I'll participate for sure :)) And oh, by the way, I miss Carlos! - Issabela, JUN 10, 2010
I feel the same about Carlos, Issa!! - Nicole-B, JUN 10, 2010

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Encarar todos tus problemas desde otro punto de vista !

= See all your problems from a different point of view

por ejemplo: hay que encarar el futuro con optimismo

= we must look to the future with optimism

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todos - 00494d19, JUN 9, 2010
Gracias amiga (I made that mistake thinking that tudas had to agree with problemas but obviously not lol - FELIZ77, JUN 9, 2010
oh yes, that is correct, feliz, but!! problema is masculine;) - 00494d19, JUN 9, 2010
Ah ahora entiendo problema es una palabra como 'el dia ' es masculino - FELIZ77, JUN 9, 2010

Bajar por la escalera.

Go down the stairs.

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posted by DR1960

Dormir in paz.

Sleep in peace.

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en paz - 00494d19, JUN 9, 2010

¡Traer a uno amigo!

Bring a friend!

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posted by Nicole-B
oops Nicole ... take another look at "uno"!! :) - mountaingirl123, JUN 10, 2010

Correr a la tienda.

Run to the store.

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posted by sanlee
Looks like its a tie. - sanlee, JUN 9, 2010
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