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Video of the Day: Woman struck by lightening moments before marriage proposal...


This is one of the saddest stories I have heard in a long time. A young man was moments away from proposing to his girlfriend when she was struck by lightning.

Life sometimes seems so unfair. What are your thoughts about this tragedy? Comment in Spanish (with the English translation).

Bethany Lott

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Se dice "lightning" en vez de "lightening" :) - 003487d6, JUN 8, 2010
Nicole, the "e" in lightning significantly changes the meaning of your title. - Rikko, JUN 8, 2010

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Muy triste. ¿No se venden dos pajarillos[a] por un cuarto? Con todo, ni uno de ellos cae a tierra sin el permiso de vuestro Padre.

Very Sad. Are not two sparrows sold for a coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.

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Me ha quedado sin palabras ohh

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No lo puedo creer :O el novio debe tener mala suerte.

I can't believe it! That boyfriend must have very bad luck.

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**I have to say I immediately felt heartbroken for both of them !!!!

It was tragic that two people who must have loved each other dearly suddenly experienced such a tremendous and irreperable loss.**

The number of people actually struck by lightening is, I think, still relatively rare compared with other ways in which people meet their death unexpectedly.I did hear, through my mother of a primary teacher at my school who was struck by lightening while cycling (...home, I think ???)

Yes, It seems so unfair !

Voy a traducir esa respuesta en español, cuánto antes

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Muy triste, muy triste. Me siento mal para eso los pares. Envío de mis rezos.

Very sad, very sad. I feel very bad for that pair. Sending my prayers.

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posted by princessjane
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