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How to word a thank you to somebody who helped me at work when I became very ill, and stayed until help came.


I want to say in Spanish, "Thank you so much for your help when I was sick. You stayed with me until help came and I will be forever greatful." Or, something like that

updated JUN 7, 2010
posted by JeanIngram
Hi Jean, unless they were personal friends I would use the respectful form. - margaretbl, JUN 7, 2010

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Muchísimas gracias por tu ayuda mientras yo estaba enferma. Te quedaste conmigo hasta que vino la ayuda y te lo agradeceré por siempre.

updated JUN 7, 2010
posted by maripositaxx
haha, much better than mine. - psyche_of_frogs, JUN 7, 2010

I don't have a statement about your question, but.......when I was dying in the hospital a few years back, a man and a women came into my room with guitars. She stroked my hair while he played the guitar and we all prayed together that I would survive and I did. And then they left and no one ever knew they were there, not the hospital, no one. To contrast that, my roommates think they are Christian and yet they lie and steal and go to church every day and cheat everyone in the name of God. It sickens me, but the rent is cheap. What are you gonna do. Still I remember how it felt, my own wife didn't want to visit me, but that random stranger, so beautiful, her hand in my dirty ratty sweaty hair, and she didn't think it was gross at all. That was god's messenger as sure as shootin........ There's my tale. smile

updated JUN 7, 2010
posted by jeezzle
awww :) - maripositaxx, JUN 7, 2010
Fueron ángeles. - margaretbl, JUN 7, 2010
Your miracle - nizhoni1, JUN 7, 2010

I'm not too confident about this, but I think I can word the first sentence although someone might have to double check this:"Muchas gracias por su ayuda cuando estaba enfermo/a". Beyond that, I'm really not sure so I don't want to run the risk of providing you with some poorly choosen words, especially when it seems like this person has helped you a lot.

updated JUN 7, 2010
posted by psyche_of_frogs
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