Como se dice las frases "I miss you", "I missed you", y "I will miss you" en Espanol?

Como se dice las frases "I miss you", "I missed you", y "I will miss you" en Espanol?



I have been wondering how to properly say this phrase for quite some time now, even asking native speakers with no luck(perhaps they didn't fully understand the phrase in English).

If I was to venture a guess, I would think it is some conjugation of the verb extranar. The closest my friends got was the word extranavia(?), which I assume is some contraction of the verb extranar and todavia?

I don't know, I am stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Muchas Gracias, `Señores Y Señoras

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3 Answers


Te extraño


Te echo de menos

For the other tenses, just go to the conjugation tab under the More menue.

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Thank you, out of curiousity what does "Te echo de menos" literally translate into and why does it mean " I miss you"? - llego, JUN 6, 2010
When I put extranar in the conjugation box it says word not found =( estoy triste - llego, JUN 6, 2010

Conjugate the "echar" and add "de menos"

Te echo de menos- I miss you

Te eché de menos - I missed you .

Don't try a literal translation because even in English the " I miss you " is not literal.

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Hi llego, you are right - it is not there but you can enter 'enseñar' and it is conjugated exactly like extrañar so that should help you. Echar de menos is one of many expressions using this verb. Literaly it doesn't seem to make much sense 'throw less/lack' but it is good to just learn it. Here are some more: echar abajo, echar en cara, echar la culpa, echar en falta, echar a perder, echar suerte....

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