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¿Cuál palabra es más común en México, indio o indigine?


en México,qual palabra es mas corecto y/o comun:indio o indigena?

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posted by senorwencas
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Welcome to the forum. All of the Mexicans that I've know say "indigena". Here's a link to "indio" wikipedia: indio Actually, I've never heard anyone say "indio" to refer to someone from India either. I've always heard "hindú".

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i appreciate your help on this;i was really confused after reading "indio"so much - senorwencas, JUN 3, 2010

The problem with "indio" is that in many places it has negative or pejorative connotations.

"Indio" is also a misnomer. The Spanish conquerors started calling the native people they found in the newly discovered continent "indios" simply because they were sure they had arrived to India. It was a good few years before they realized that this was new place for them, and then they went on calling these lands the New Indies.

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I agree with Alba.

I heard only the word "indigena" in Mexico.

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thanks for your help,i wasn't sure at all - senorwencas, JUN 3, 2010
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