Translations of R- and X-rated phrases?

Translations of R- and X-rated phrases?


What is the web site's policy regarding translating R- and X-rated phrases? I know some of the questionable questions are posted out of ignorance, and some are posted because the poster thinks the answer will be funny. I grew up the son of a sailor, and can and do swear in several languages. However, I assume we're trying to keep this a family-friendly web site. Is there an offical policy?

updated JUN 2, 2010
posted by KevinB

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Yes. We don't do R or X rated sentences. Maybe a small R but nothing that would offend anyone. It's mostly PG or PG13 I guess. If you see an X please edit it out and flag it. Same for a hardcore R. If it's on the fence with an R, I would leave it alone.

updated JUN 3, 2010
posted by jeezzle
Thanks. I can't edit, but I flagged it. - KevinB, JUN 2, 2010
You have over 2K, so you can edit now. - Yeser007, JUN 2, 2010
Thanks again. It took me a while to fine the Edit button. - KevinB, JUN 2, 2010

Kevin, I meant to write this as a private message, but you do not have that option allowed.

Thank you for watching over the Forum. I do not have administrator powers, but I do try to help keep things clean.

Just for your personal reference, I'll share with you what my own policy is. In cases like the one you flagged, where someone posts a question asking "somebody said @#¢%&!!! to me, what does that mean?", I don't necessarily flag them. I use my editing powers to edit out the offensive language, and reply letting them know that what they wrote is very offensive, and please not to post it again.

The reason I do that is because flagging subtracts point from a person's reputation, and I prefer to give everyone the benefit of the doubt - once . without punishing them. If they do it again, or if they clearly are being abusive just for the heck of it, then I do flag them.

This is not Forum policy, and you are free to do as you see best fit. I'm just letting you know what I do in similar cases.

updated JUN 2, 2010
posted by Gekkosan
Good advice. - KevinB, JUN 2, 2010
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