Learn Spanish/English Phrases (all levels, both languages): estar a punto de

Learn Spanish/English Phrases (all levels, both languages): estar a punto de


Hi fellow Spanish Addicts! "Learn Spanish/English Phrases" is a thread started by our friend Renae that I will post as often as I can in her absence that will focus on giving us the tools to understand the phrases in Spanish that cannot be translated word for word! Phrases are one of the keys to translating rapidly and becoming conversational quickly.

This is how it works:

•Read the Spanish phrase of the day.

•Read any alternate wording I may have included

•Read the example sentences in Spanish

•Try to guess the meaning of the Spanish phrase

•Only then read the English translation

•Use the Spanish phrase in your own sentence with an English translation included in italics.

Nota: Si estás practicando inglés, esribes una frase en inglés y después en español.

The best answer will be chosen based on creativity, votes and correct phraseology in a sentence. It will also be entered in the SpanishDict phrasebook as an example sentence. You will go down in SpanishDict posterity! Remember to click on "watch this question" as your answer needs to have all suggested corrections in order to be used in the phrasebook.

Note: Participating by following the six steps above, including writing your own sentence, rewards your efforts with the ability to retain the new phrase in your memory.

Our phrase is:

estar a punto de


Estaba a punto de salir cuando sonó el teléfono.

English translation:

I was about to go out when the phone rang.

English phrase translation:

to be (just) about to, to be on the verge of

updated JUN 18, 2010
posted by alba3

4 Answers


Estoy a punto de hartarme de la lluvia. No ha hecho más que llover esta semana. ¿Dónde está el sol? I'm almost sick of the rain. It hasn't done anything but rain this week. Where's the sun?

updated JUN 18, 2010
posted by margaretbl
Congrats, Margaret. I just entered your sentences into the phrasebook. - alba3, JUN 18, 2010

Estaba a punto de firmar un cheque y me di cuenta de que no tenía dinero en la cuenta.

updated JUN 3, 2010
posted by kenwilliams

Odio cuando estoy a punto de estornudar, pero no puedo.

I hate it when I'm just about to sneeze, but can't.

updated JUN 3, 2010
posted by mar959

Estoy a punto de ir tan pronto como seco mi pelo.

I'm about to go as soon as I dry my hair.

updated JUN 2, 2010
posted by sanlee
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