Just a quick reminder for some of the newbies...

Just a quick reminder for some of the newbies...


I have seen some questions and comments over the past couple of weeks about what to do or how to get started and I thought to myself..."self, why not make a thread out of this and give some advice". smile So here goes... when starting up you should always and I mean always start out by going through the videos. These are located under the "Learn Spanish" tab at the top of the screen. Paralee is an awesome teacher and if you don't quite get something you can always play the video over until you do. When posting, use correct grammar and punctuation and if you are looking for some help in Spanish (or English) give it a go first. You can do this by using the translation and dictionary feature on this site!! It's a great starting point. I have given this link a bunch of times and I will do so again here...The link is for people that want to set up their typing for spanish. It is wicked easy and believe me, if I can do it you can. Here it is... link text

Use it and try it out. The people here are fantastic and with a little effort and practice you will do well. Many things are not just simply given to you here (in regards to translations) but as long as you are showing an effort you will learn this great language and get the help you want and need. I have personally learned so much through people like Heidita, Carlos, Mountaingirl, Nizhoni, Moe, Qfreed, Eddy, Issa, Marianne, Samdie, and the multitudes of others on here!! I hope this is a help to somebody. ¡Hasta luego! wink

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Great stuff, Jason! May I just remind you that Spanish and English should both be capitalized? ;-) - Gekkosan, MAY 20, 2010
Like I said, I learn something everyday...Ok, I knew that but... :) - Jason7R, MAY 20, 2010

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I thought to myself..."self, why not make a thread out of this

Hehe, this made me giggle LOL, thank you.

I agree with everything you said... You made some good points.

But I am going to have to comment that you need to remember to use capital letters for Spanish and English.

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As I told Gekkosan, I learn something everyday...Oh yeah, I did know that?!! ;) Corrected and thank you both!! - Jason7R, MAY 20, 2010
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