I want to write a child's book that is both in English and Spanish...

I want to write a child's book that is both in English and Spanish...


I want to write a child's book that is both in English and Spanish. I am looking to name the characters something very special that ever little girl would love. I plan to dedicate that book in part to all of those here at Spanish.dict.com smile

So, what names, boy/girl and English/Spanish, do you think would make these precious little ones special and memorable to all children.

The theme is going to be trusting in yourself and listening to that inner voice that guides us. Not a religious book, well, it will be based on some basic Buddhist philosophy.

Thank you all for your support through these difficult times. smile Much love and peace to you all!!!

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I'll bring some boy/girl names with their meanings. Hope they would be helpfull and good luck in writing your book. Isabella: my god is a vow Sophia: wisdom Noah: rest, comfort Alexis: Defender Mia: Uncertain Jose: he well enlarge Alyssa: noble kind Kevin: beautiful at birth Natalie: christ's birthday Brianna: noble, strong Grace: good will Owen: well born

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Me gusta el nombre David...Pero se me permite tener una unica afecto a lo.

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Tenoch - I love the way it sounds. A gentle name referring to someone very powerful.

And some beautiful Amazionian Indian Names (including those of Aztec and Inca origin):

U'YARA Lady of the water

MIRIM chief, little chief

CHASCA Goddess of the Dawn and Twilight

CUSICHACA Bridge of Happiness



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I think more simple names should be used, because its a book for children - gabriella_pms, MAY 20, 2010
I love them :) - sunshinzmommie, MAY 20, 2010
But the name (if necessary) can be explained at the beginning of the book. Or, they can be used without any explanation, just because they soud beautifully. - Issabela, MAY 20, 2010

Don't forget to end it with "Colorín colorado, esta cuenta se ha acabado."

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...este cuento... - LuisaGomezBartle, MAY 20, 2010
Gracias! :) - Nathaniel, MAY 21, 2010
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