I am doing beginner Spanish in college. This is my second time and I am not passing....please tell me what needs to be done.

I am doing beginner Spanish in college. This is my second time and I am not passing....please tell me what needs to be done.


just doing begginers' Spanish

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My guess is that you haven't figured out the best way to learn.

For me the best way to learn is by writing, and rewriting and rewriting. Then spend a lot of time listening to podcasts from Notes In Spanish as well as LoMasTV.

Then going back, reviewing, analyzing and comparing words and tenses.

It's a lot of work and you can't rush through it.

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Thank you..did all all of this,and how i am batter at. - Shayi2, SEP 14, 2010

Hi Shayi2 and welcome to the forum.

Without a bit more insight from you as to what, specifically, you are having trouble with, it will be difficult for anyone here to help you resolve this.

The first thing I would do if I were you is review the assignments (homework, quizzes, tests, etc) that you have already completed and done poorly on and ask yourself, item-by-item, why it is you think that you were not able to correctly answer the questions.

A few questions that you might ask yourself might be: What exactly are you having a problem with (i.e. what is the content of the questions that are giving you trouble)? Are you having trouble memorizing vocabulary? Is there some element(s) of grammar that you are having trouble understanding? Are you spending enough time studying? Are you spending enough time practicing your writing and speaking skills? Do you understand what your instructor expects of you (what material you are responsible for)?

If you have any specific questions (in terms of grammar, vocabulary, etc), need feedback on writing samples or exercises which you have already completed (whether they have been turned in or not) or you would simply like to discuss your current study methods please feel free to follow up on your original question as I am sure that there are plenty of friendly people here eager to help. Best of luck and hope to see you around the forum more often smile

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im sure you will pick it up mate just stick at it and dont give up, you will get there in the end

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We all need encouraging ! - fontanero, MAY 19, 2010

We have no idea what your problems are in the course. If you could be more specific, then maybe we could help you. You could try to speak with your instructor too; mine are always willing to help.

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Please clarify the nature of the difficulties you are experiencing ... with what part of the course are you struggling: verbs, pronounciation, speaking or writing?

We could help you more effectively if we knew exactly what your problem is

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In addition to salsero69’s great suggestions:

Ask the instructor if you can record the class.

If yes, Use micro tapes, or a digital recorder that can be downloaded.

You should have two notebooks. One for notes you wrote during class and one for the notes you rewrote, within 24 hours of class, while listening to the tape pausing as necessary. You will see how much you missed the first time and will retain more because you’re not rushed the second.

In addition, if you are not in a study group form one and take turns teaching the subject to each other.

This works for all classes.

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