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Is this fair?

With a perfect game and a hug from his grandma, Dallas Braden's(notes) Mother's Day had an ending suitable for framing. The funny part is that the Oakland A's pitcher could have found himself in the similar position of angrily trying to teach a star third baseman from the American League East about the unwritten rules of baseball. With no outs in the fifth inning and Oakland winning 4-0, Tampa Bay's Evan Longoria(notes) tried to get aboard with a bunt. The attempt went foul and Longoria ended up striking out while swinging, but his debatable breach of etiquette did not go unnoticed. The partisan crowd at the Oakland Coliseum booed (though Braden was able to keep his composure just a little bit better than the time Alex Rodriguez(notes) walked over his pitcher's mound). I say debatable, of course, because not everyone is against bunting to break up a pitcher's bid for history. And — what are the odds? — those people are usually in the crew that's being dragged kicking and screaming into the halls of history.

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I love grandmother's quote. Some reporter asked her about ARod walking over pitcher's mound during a game that Dallas was pitching. She replied: "Stick it, ARod." He is such a poor sport (ARod.) Dallas's mom died of cancer when he was young and his grandmother finished raising him, so she gets a say, I should think!

Evan should know better. There are unwritten rules in sport that you need to learn if you want to be respectful of the game and its history.

Dallas was spectacularly brilliant. Great post, although this has been a break from my Spanish learning.

¡Viva el béisbol y sus tradiciones!

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cute answer, very informative AAmos

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