"carino,,,,,,,,,,, tienes que ser Querida (es femenino) querido is masculino,,,,,,,,,chao!!!!!!"


Please help to translate :

carino,,,,,,,,,,, tienes que ser Querida (es femenino) querido is masculino,,,,,,,,,chao!!!!!!

updated MAY 8, 2010
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posted by dave_sir
Hi dave, correct spelling is mandatory on this site, thanks.
whats wrong with ya hedita... if I knew the proper spanish I wouldn't ask for help...
Please read PM, thanks

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honey (sweetie/darling).... you have to say "Querida" (it's feminine) querido is masculine....bye!!!

She's referring to words having to agree in gender to the person or thing that you are talking about in Spanish so, Dear Mary, is Querida Mary and Dear Dave is Querido Dave...

updated MAY 8, 2010
posted by alba3
thanx alba...