tetralogy of Falllot in spanish?

tetralogy of Falllot in spanish?


"How would a nurse say Tetralogy of Fallot in Spanish?

updated MAY 5, 2010
posted by Nursegold

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Hello, and welcome to the forum, Nursegold. In Spanish, it's called la tetralogía de Fallot. Also, I thought I'd give you a tip I've discovered about translating medical conditions and such. I noticed it took a while for you question to be answered, and this way might be a little faster if you're in a hurry. If a term is fairly common, you might get faster answers by looking it up in the English version of Wikipedia, and then scrolling down and clicking on "Español" on the left side under 'Languages.' With a reasonable level of reliability, this will usually take you to the corresponding Spanish page. If it's wrong, it's usually pretty obvious. It does occasionally take you to something only related, though, so it's probably a good idea to have a Spanish-speaker check what you find before telling a patient! We are happy to share any insights we might have with you, though, regardless of whether you want to look it up first.

updated MAY 5, 2010
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