Tratando traducir una canción, ayudame por favor!!!

Tratando traducir una canción, ayudame por favor!!!


I found the cutest song for kids for springtime.....

It is sung to the tune of "Row, row, row your boat" In english it goes....

Busy, busy, busy bee Humming merrily

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz don't you dare sting me

Chirpy, chirpy, chirpy bird Don't you take a rest?

Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet Singing in your nest

Croaky, croaky, croky frog Sing your springtime song

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit May we sing along?

Cheep, cheep yellow chicks pecking all around

cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep Scratching on the ground

Okay....Here's what I have so far...it doesn't have to be exact, only has to make sense and fit the tune....

Zumbido, zumbido abejalito zumbido alegremente (alegrite, is there a word like this?)

Zum, zum, zum, zum (do bees zum in Spanish?) No pecar a mi

Cantada, cantada pajarito no se descanse?

Cantada en su cómado nido siempre todo el día ???? sorry my spanish is very limited

salta, salta rana chiqita la primevera es aquí (should it be esta?)

salta salta muy alta podemos saltar contigo?

Pio, pio los pollitos picotean alrededor

pio, pio, pio, pio la comida mirandan por ????

any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!! Gracis Sharon

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posted by Sharon-Cash
Cute! "Estoy tratando de traducir...." - --Mariana--, ABR 30, 2010

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I can offer an alternative translation for the first part. Please bear in mind that translations from one language to another are seldom simple, straightforward or exact as other countries may not use that same song for children/adults Anyway, after checking out alternative words that could fit the rhythm I came up with this arrangement (You will have to cut the number of 'busy' words by 1 but it fits the rhythm quite well and conveys the meaning accurately. If anyone else can improve on it.. so much the better! (I have also worked as a teaching assistant and nursery nurse with young children aged 14 months -8years so I understand the need to translate /teach songs in a new language.)

I have had to change the wordsin English a little Here is my translation

Busy bee,busy bee buzzing merrily

Ac-tiv - o, ac-ti-vo .........a-b-eja zum-bi-do,

Buzz buzz buzz buzz

Zum-bido, Zum-bido

Don't you dare sting me !

¡ No in-ten-te pic-arme ! picar =sting)

If you like what I have arranged please leave a comment for me here an Perhaps I could come up with some furthur translations of other parts of the song.

Chirp-y bird Chirp- y bird don't you take a rest?

Pia-da pia-da ave no paras?

Tweet tweet tweet tweet singing in your nest

Pio pio pio pio can-tas en tu ni-do

I will finish it off as soon as possible but I must stop for now as I have a visitor coming around tonight. Feliz77

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I love it, it is sounding great in Spanish!!! - margaretbl, ABR 30, 2010
Ah Yes I love it, thank you for your input!!!! - Sharon-Cash, ABR 30, 2010
I've been singing this non stop now and love it - Sharon-Cash, ABR 30, 2010


Zumba zumba abejita zumba alegremente

Bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz no piques a la gente

Canta canta pajarito ¿no descansarás?

Pío pío en tu nido cantando más y más

Croa croa el/la sapito/ranita canta tu sonar

Croac croac croac croac déjanos cantar

Cloquea linda gallinita come sin saltar

Clo clo clo clo rastrilla sin parar

This is a versión...

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Awesome!!! Thank you so much - Sharon-Cash, ABR 30, 2010
I'm wanting to use pio for my chicks because I have already taught the children, Los Pollitos Dicen, would I be able to change the pío pío en tu nido to Cantas bonita en tu nido? Does that make sense? Also the picture in the book is 2 chicks - Sharon-Cash, ABR 30, 2010


Sentadito en tu nido, canta más y más


Pío pío los pollitos van sin vacilar Pío pío pío pío rastrillan sin parar


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posted by LuisaGomezBartle
AWEsome!!! Have to just shout at the beginning of the word, but I'm shouting it is awesome!!!! - Sharon-Cash, ABR 30, 2010

anyone else want to give it a try? These are GREAT!!!!

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posted by Sharon-Cash
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