Let's talk about... hair!

Let's talk about... hair!


I was surfing on the internet and found this: alt text

Let's expand our vocabularies! I saw there are many questions about hair colour or length, but there are aspects like hair cut, dyes, styles, preferences and much more that I would like to use when talking. Rain of thoughts grin

Siempre he tenido el pelo largo y rizado. Y siempre era un gran secreto por qué, porque mi padre, que tiene el pelo rizado, siempre lo llevaba corto. En el mapa, mi país está en la zona de 50-79 por ciento, pero la capital donde vivo - sólo 20-49. LOL

Correct my Spanish please!..

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"mi padre, que tiene el pelo rizado, siempre lo llevaba corto" "Corto Plazo" means "short term". - Gekkosan, ABR 28, 2010
thanks, Gekkosan! - swing, ABR 28, 2010
¡Gracias! ¡Que intersante! - paramedichk, ENE 12, 2013

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Pues en mi país es imposible hacer el mapa, ¡porque todas las mujeres se pintan el pelo!

In my country it is impossible to do a map, because all the women dye their hair!

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;D - swing, ABR 28, 2010
funny gekko :) - mamasita_s, ABR 28, 2010
Here 99% have black hair. - ian-hill, ABR 28, 2010
Except the ones who dye their hair that is. - ian-hill, ABR 28, 2010

I am "mouse coloured" rolleyes


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is it grey? :) - swing, ABR 28, 2010
"sort of" but not much - yet:) - ian-hill, ABR 28, 2010

A cosmetologist once told me that blonds had more hairs than people with dark hair. Their eyebrows are more likely to grow together than people with dark hair. I guess it is just more noticeable when it is dark

I don't worry about my hair much as long as I am not shedding.

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Si, es verdad. I've heard the same thing! (about more hair, not sure about the uni-brow!) - chica_rica, ABR 28, 2010
Nizhoni, is this the dog talking or you? - 005faa61, ABR 28, 2010
I let the dog talk as much as possible. It increases fluency - nizhoni1, ABR 28, 2010

I have long, black hair.......... Soy morena y tengo pelo largo. Correct me if the spanish is wrong

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Soy rubia smile

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