Are you a big girl? or Are you a small girl?

Are you a big girl? or Are you a small girl?


Of course, you can imagine that this type of question is to a eight year-old girl.

Are you a big girl?

Are you a small girl?

Are they all right?

Thank you.

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Are you a big girl?

With younger children that is asking if you act like a mature/older child (not physical size-even though children equate size with age as the correlation is strong in children) "big" for children is like mayor=older or larger

Are you a little girl? (A question we sometimes ask adult men who are not acting macho)

Again, asking about level of maturity (comportment); not physical size.

small girl would be referring to physical size

Ever heard the song "Big girls don't cry"? It's a phrase we use with younger girls. (the song is about a young couple breaking up, however)

Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons

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I am confused. Is this site to learn/speak spanish or to get english grammatical lessons? - sfrenchie, ABR 27, 2010
Frenchie: ..."D", all of the above. And I suspect you have picked up on that since your comment. - LateToDinner, MAY 8, 2010
So I shared it for anyone that hasn't gotten as involved as you have. And a tip that I learned today is that taking a peek at the author's profile helps frame my thoughts. - LateToDinner, MAY 8, 2010

No soy una chicka. Soy un hombre. Estoy feliz que apprendir Espanol. (1st attempt at Spanish)

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chica, aprender español. (don't capitalize names of languages like we do in English) - 0074b507, ABR 26, 2010
thx, great tip - sfrenchie, ABR 28, 2010
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