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Hi fellow Spanish Addicts! "Learn Spanish/English Phrases" is a thread started by our friend Renae that I will post as often as I can in her absence that will focus on giving us the tools to understand the phrases in Spanish that cannot be translated word for word! Phrases are one of the keys to translating rapidly and becoming conversational quickly.

This is how it works:

•Read the Spanish phrase of the day.

•Read any alternate wording I may have included

•Read the example sentences in Spanish

•Try to guess the meaning of the Spanish phrase

•Only then read the English translation

•Use the Spanish phrase in your own sentence with an English translation included in italics.

Nota: Si estás practicando inglés, esribes una frase en inglés y después en español.

The best answer will be chosen based on creativity, votes and correct phraseology in a sentence. It will also be entered in the SpanishDict phrasebook as an example sentence. You will go down in SpanishDict posterity! Remember to click on "watch this question" as your answer needs to have all suggested corrections in order to be used in the phrasebook.

Note: Participating by following the six steps above, including writing your own sentence, rewards your efforts with the ability to retain the new phrase in your memory.

Our phrase is:

hacer caso


Mi amiga está enojada porque su esposo no le hace mucho caso.

English translation:

My friend is angry because her husband doesn't pay much attention to her.

English phrase translation:

to pay attention to


to take notice of

to listen to/to obey


no hacer caso = not to pay attention to, to ignore

no hacer ni caso = not to pay a bit of attention to, to ignore completely

"hacer caso" can be followed by either "a" or "de" por ejemplo: El niño no le hace caso a/de nadie.

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12 Answers


Intentaba advertirles pero nadie me hacía caso.

I tried to warn them but nobody paid attention to me.

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Es importante a hacer caso mientras al conducir.

It is important to pay attention while driving.

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Es importante prestar atención mientras conduce. You just inspired a rather elaborate post, Lis. See below. - alba3, ABR 23, 2010

Cuando no hico caso de mi gato, "Kitty"..tritura todos los papeles en mi escritorio.

When I ignore my cat, "Kitty" shreds all the papers on my desk.

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El gobierno hace caso a la voz de la gente sólo antes de las elecciones.

The government pays attention to the voice of the people only before the elections.

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No le hace caso nunca a él, es mezquino.

Never take any notice of him, he's mean.

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Nadie hace caso a lo que decía este político porque siempre falta a su promesa.

No one pay attention to what this politician said because he always breaks his promise.

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Mi hermana es perezosa, no trabaja y toma demasiadas drogas. Yo la he dicho este muchos veces pero ella no me hace caso.

My sister is lazy, does not work and takes too many drugs. I have told her this many times but she does not pay attention.

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El cocinero quemo la carne pero no hice caso y lo comí de todos modo. The cook burned the steak but I took no notice and ate it anyway.

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Note that there is a difference between "hacer caso" and "prestar atención". I've asked around a bit and here's what I've been told.

"Prestar atención" is used in cases that are less specific, ecspecially in sentences that have no direct object.

Es importante prestar atención mientras conduce. (a general statement) It's important to pay attention (to be attentive) while driving.

Es importante hacer caso a las señales de tráfico mientras conduce. (specific) It's important to pay attention to (to obey) the traffic signals while driving.

"Hacer caso" often (though not always) implies "to obey"

Haz caso a lo que te dice tu padre. - Do what your father tells you.

Presta atención a lo que te dice tu padre. - Listen to your father.

El hombre que me gusta no me hace caso. - The man that I like pays no attention to me. (may be he does not like me....)

El hombre que me gusta no me presta atención. - The man that I like doesn't listen to me. (He does not give me the attention I am worthy of, the attention he should give me.)

You can say: "Intenta no hacer caso al ruido que están haciendo afuera." Try not to pay attention to the noise that they’re making outside.

But you probably would not say: "Intenta no prestar atención al ruido que están haciendo afuera." because it sounds as if you might actually want to listen.

A teacher might say: “¡Presta atención!” Listen to me!

A woman might say about her husband: “Mi marido no me hace caso.” because he does not listen to her, or see if she has a new haircut, or see if she put on weight...

prestar atención: estar atento, escuchar

hacer caso: obedecer, fijarse en el otro, fijarse en algo que dicen.

Confused yet? shut eye sick confused I think I'll go take an aspirin now. wink

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Cuando dije dijo algo, mis el hijos no me hacía hacen ni caso.

When I say something, my children completely ignore me.

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Cuando digo algo, mis hijos no me hacen ni caso. - fatchocobo, ABR 22, 2010

Si trato de no hacer ni caso a mis problemas, suelan crecer como una bola de nieve.

If I try not to pay attention to my problems they usually grow like a snowball.

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That old man wanted my cousin to give him her cat but she didn't pay attention to him.

Ese viejo quiso que mi prima le diera su gata pero no le hizo caso.

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