necesito traducir 9 noticias me pueden ayudar

necesito traducir 9 noticias me pueden ayudar


por favor son en ingles y es para el miercoles necesito ayuda pease..........................

updated ABR 29, 2010
posted by tueris

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Hola, Yueris:

Yours sounds like a very big job. Why not attack the job in this way. You try 1st on your own to translate the news items you are referring to. Here is how to use our online translator:


.............How to Use Our Translator................
In the Blue Menu Bar at the top of the screen, you will see these “Tabs”:
Learn Spanish ? Flashcards ? Answers ? Translation ? Dictionary ? More
1. “Click” on the “Translation” tab
2.You will see a block that says, in suppressed print, “Enter a sentence or phrase”.
3.Type what you need translated into the block.
4.“Click” on “English to Spanish” or “Spanish to English” whichever is appropriate.
5.You will be presented with three translations They are unlikely to be the same. You must decide from among the three of them which one is the best translation. Or, select some part from all three of them.
6.When you have determined what you think is the best translation, enter it in a new Question Entry (we call it a posting or thread).
Ask if the translation is correct. If it is not overwhelming, someone will try to help you.


Just a hint or two:

Translate single sentences or single ideas one at a time.

Do not enter too much data at one time.

Be patient.

Be thoughtful.

Hit it with your best shot.

Hurry! you have a deadline.


Muchos saludos/Best regards,


updated ABR 29, 2010
posted by Moe
Excellent advice! - Delores--Lindsey, ABR 29, 2010

It would help if you would write what you want translated or at least give us a link to it so that someone has a chance to help you.

updated ABR 29, 2010
posted by fatchocobo

Go to www.d-xion.com they have a very good service

updated ABR 29, 2010
posted by kahra81
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