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How can i say in English "Limosna" just the word limosna


I got another question, how you translate the word "limosna" by itself, i know that to ask for money is "To beg" but what about the word limosna by itself.

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Marianne has presented an excellent history of Limosna. In addition, in everyday usage of today, we also Charity as a direct translation of the single word.

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The word "limonsa" is "alms" in English and it means "to beg for charity." For example, "The monk went to town seeking alms."

I found this on wikipedia:

Alms or alms giving is a religious rite which, in general, involves giving materially to another as an act of religious virtue.

It exists in a number of religions. In Philippine Regions, alms are given as charity to benefit the poor. In Buddhism, alms are given by lay people to monks and nuns to nurture laic virtue, merit and blessings and to ensure monastic continuity.

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