Can you have 2 conjugated verbs in a sentence if the verbs are separated by words such as "and" or "cuando"?

Can you have 2 conjugated verbs in a sentence if the verbs are separated by words such as "and" or "cuando"?


Which command is correct?

  1. ¡Date prisa cuando arreglarte!
  2. ¡Date prisa cuando te arreglas!

Muchas Graciasgrin

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Hi, KM. I wonder if you are getting confused about the number of conjugated verbs allowable in a sentence vs. the number allowable in a clause.

Just a quick explanation: a clause is very simple: a subject and a verb, with occasional other things such as direct or indirect objects or prepositional phrases.. Examples of clauses are: I see...he goes...we know them...she tells me...they like to dance...you have to study...

In a clause you may not have two conjugated verbs together. For example, "I like to sing" is "Me gusta cantar", not "me gusta canto". Other examples: "I have to go" - "tengo que irme"..."We need to write to her" - "necesitamos escribirle"..."They want to swim" - "quieren nadar".

Your example above is two clauses, so you have two conjugated verbs. The first clause is: "Hurry up" and the second clause is "you get ready". The connecting word is the "when". Think of the entire sentence as a mini train with two cars and a hitch connecting them.

Lots of sentences have more than one clause. Examples: I get home and then I study - Llego a casa y entonces estudio.... She drives the car but I catch the bus - Ella maneja el coche pero yo subo al camión...We will see them when they return - Los veremos cuando regresen... They will have it as soon as I give it to them - Lo tendrán en cuanto se lo de...I get up, I brush my teeth, I wash my face, I fix my hair, and I eat breakfast...Me levanto, me cepillo los dientes, me lavo la cara, me arreglo el pelo y desayuno. (whew! 5 clauses in that last one, with 5 different conjugated verbs!)

I most sincerely hope that this has helped you to understand.

To summarize: One conjugated verb per clause, but many sentences have several clauses, so it is very possible to have more than one conjugated verb in a sentence.

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¡Date prisa cuando te arregles! (imperative & subjuctive)

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Thank you Mountaingirl, that was so easy to understand ,concise, correct , and I loved it, you must do it more or write a book perhaps you have I will have a look . grin

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