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infinitive verb in spanish for 'to stock' ?


Is there a infinitive verb in Spanish for 'to stock'? (i.e. Tomorrow I will stock shelves at the store.)

updated ABR 9, 2010
posted by Jsanthara

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I would say almacenar

updated ABR 9, 2010
posted by Motzie

You have enquired about the verb "to stock". My big paper dictionary suggests the verbs "surtir" and/or "abastecer".

When I looked at the use and meanings of those two vebs, I was not satisfied that they were precisely the correct verbs to use.

If you think of stocking or re-stocking shelves, it seems to be more the act of replenishing the shelves. In that context, I like the verb "rellenar" best. If the shelves are being filled for the first time, perhaps "llenar" is the verb to use.

It looks to me like you have been a member long enough to have earned many points for learning. I hope you have learned how to use our dictionary. Please do not be offended if I suggest you look up each of the suggested verbs in the dictionary and decide for yourself which, if any, of them satisfies your need. Here are the verbs I referred to:

---> Rellenar ---> Llenar ---> Surtir ---> Abastecer

updated ABR 9, 2010
posted by Moe
I am not offended, I looked in the dictionary, I was just hoping a native speaker could help me make sense of all the options. Also, sometimes there are words that are in the dictionary, but hard to find. - Jsanthara, ABR 9, 2010
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