thank u..... but

thank u..... but


I think the first sentence is better than mine but the second one Im not sure if it fits in the context. Im trying to translate a Elementary certificate from Mexico, it says literally : name.... terminó sus estudios de educación primaria, por lo que de acuerdo con las prescripciones legales vigentes extiende el presente certificado de educaión primaria. Could you please help me?

Thank u again!

updated ABR 2, 2010
posted by inuyaki

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Sure Inuyaki. Please keep all your related posts within the original question. It makes it easier to track the various responses that way. grin

The certificate may be translated as follows (other interpretations are possible - I am NOT a certified legal translator):

"name... has completed his/her primary education course, and is therefore issued the following Primary Education Certificate according to current legal procedure."

updated ABR 3, 2010
posted by Gekkosan
wow! eso suena mucho mejor. Gracias!!! - inuyaki, ABR 2, 2010
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