Qué puede traducir esto, no le hayo sentido.

Qué puede traducir esto, no le hayo sentido.


The total amount of work done on the jumper by the floor during the push off period is equal to the potential energy change, mgs, plus the kinetic energy imparted at position S which is


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hayo? Did you mean haya? - 0074b507, ABR 1, 2010

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La cantidad total de trabajo realizado sobre el puente de la palabra durante el período de empujar es igual a la variación de energía potencial, mgs, además de la energía cinética en la posición S, que es

A = Ek

This is our translator's attempt. Obviously it missed the part about the jumper and the floor, but clean it up and ask any specific questions that remain. We are not supposed to "polish" machine translations here, but you can ask for help with the grammar/vocabulary of the parts that you can't figure out.

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I will try to work on this with you..This looks like a descriptiion in physics terms regarding stress on an athlete?I will get back with you.

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