How to know when to use ella instead of la or le. Patricia me dijo ir a la oficina de correo. Recuerdo cuando ella me dijo


Por favor ayudame. Tengo muchos problemas con prenombres.

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It's a good question but I'll let a grammarian answer it as my answer won't be bookish.

Edit: Ok since you selected my answer I am obligated to provide a better answer. Here goes nothing....

There are three ways to say "She/her" or "He/him" Ella, é le. La and lo are direct objects pronouns (usually) and le is indirect object pronoun usually. They surround a verb.

A Ella le gustan manzanas. She likes apples. Literally: To her apples are pleasing to her. Spanish uses doubles pronouns a lot. Ella is her, le is to her. Voy a besarla...I am going to kiss her. Ella va a besarlo. She is going to kiss him. You should really get into a book to know all the details but for now just think that "Ella and él" are "She and he" and "la and lo" are "her and him" and "le" is "to her" or "to him" and you should be able to get by. Don't forget about double pronouns. You should read up on it.

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