So I noticed...Thank you all for your answers and time it means a lot to me

So I noticed...Thank you all for your answers and time it means a lot to me


I have been keeping tabs on all of the questions and answers given on here. One thing that I have picked out is that the people who ask the questions and answering the questions posted are the people who excel more on the lessons are the people who are fluent or intermediate in speaking spanish. It really shows who cares and who puts forth more effort!! I wanted to say thanks to all of you who answer my questions and answer others because in the long run you are really helping out. Those of you who ask questions half of the time your asking questions that others are going to ask so you save them the trouble! Thank you to all of the admin. who look over all of our work when we post homework, mainly us students left in school... But I'm sure plenty of us post homework on here and we're not still in high school. But Thank you all for your answers and time it means a lot to me(and I'm sure others who use this forum) that everyone on this sight take time out of their day to answer questions that I have and help me on lessons or homework! THANK YOU ALL!!!! GRACIAS!!

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If you see a thread that helps you, please vote for it. That is the best thank you that you can give to a learner. - jeezzle, MAR 23, 2010

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Thanks for the kind words, mel, to us the most important thing is to make people happy and we can see we have achieved that with you.smile

I answered another thread today and mentioned that this forum was not only about learning but making friends and helping each other, not only in Spanish but on a personal basis. And I would like to think many people think the samegrin

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I am not sure I have asked any helpful questions and only answer very few, but it is always nice to notice that someone appreciates the efforts of others. WElcome to the forum

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Don't be silly Nizhoni, you always have a lot of helpful Q&A. - Yeser007, MAR 23, 2010
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