My house is beautiful and my house is big

My house is beautiful and my house is big


which sentence would be best for saying: my house is beautiful and my house is big

mi casa es bonita y mi casa es grande or mi casa es bonita y la es grande.

Also, i am a little unlcear on which would be better for describing a child hood, preterite, imperfect of perhaps even the past participle.

sorry about this, but then again how would i say i have been in the past paticiple (that would be he something) or is that the wrong tense?


Regards Speed

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I think imperfect goes best with childhood. There is an entire lesson in the Learn Spanish section about that (Lesson 2.9)

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Hi Speed. Welcome to the forum.

I'd go with "Mi casa es bonita y grande."

As for childhood, the imperfect is the tense you want. For example, "Cuando era un niño tenía dos perros."

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thank you and it turned out Mi casa es bonita y grande was the correct sentence. thank you for helping me - xSpeedheart123x, MAR 22, 2010

Mi casa es grande y bonita?

Whether in childhood or otherwise, imperfect is for an action that was repeated, customary or ongoing, such as "We watched Star Trek every Thursday." For a specific event, use preterit, such as "I fell in a well when I was 3."

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