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when to use A as in "A los ninos jugar al futbol"


I am using rosetta stone as my main spanish course, I am confused with when to use "A" in spanish as in "A la mujer" and in "A los ninos" and "Al nino". I know that "a" means to and is used to refer to position, but it doesn't make sense when used in this context.

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check out the reference section in the link below

Personal "a"

I asked the same question yesterday. grin

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It is being used with "le gusta" or "les gustan"?

If so, the "a" appears there because those people are actually the indirect object of the verbs, which you express with "a" which usually means "to" for indirect object pronouns.

"gustar" uses a special pattern though, so it's not translated into English as any word.

"A los niños les gustan jugar al futbol." --> The boys like to play soccer.

updated MAR 11, 2010
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