Picture of the day: an unexpected shower

Picture of the day: an unexpected shower


Post your comments/titles/captions to this picture (both in Spanish and English) and vote for the ones you like. The best answer will be chosen tomorrow on the basis of the greatest number of votes as well as the language correctness.


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My example:

El abuelo esta pensando:

¡Uff, qué calor! Darme una buena ducha... sí, ¡esto es lo que me gustaría hacer ahora!

The grandpa is thinking:

Uff, what heat! A good shower... yes, this is what I'd like to have now!


alt text

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Corregid mi español, por favor :)) - Issabela, MAR 11, 2010
Is this a repeat picture? - 0074b507, MAR 11, 2010
no... definitely not - Issabela, MAR 11, 2010
una , esto es lo que me gustaría ahora - 00494d19, MAR 11, 2010
gracias! - Issabela, MAR 11, 2010
What heat! not What A heat! - ian-hill, MAR 11, 2010
Do you know, I've done this to my daddy! He was *not* a happy bunny. T'was funny though. - --Jen--, MAR 11, 2010
thanks, Ian :) - Issabela, MAR 11, 2010
Jeje es muy graciosa. Issabela, tu ingles es bien. Esto es no que me gusta hoy, es demasiado frio! Por favor corregid mi espanol. - April-Sarah, MAR 11, 2010
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Pfff... You don't want to take me to the swimming pool? Then I will bring the swimming pool here...

Pfff... ¿No quieres ir a la piscina conmigo? Entonces te traeré la piscina aquí... cool smile

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:) - 00494d19, MAR 11, 2010
Is "entonces" the right word in this context? It sounded a bit weird but decided to try it.. ^^ - Alrisaera, MAR 11, 2010
yes, that is it;) - 00494d19, MAR 11, 2010

Grandfather!!!!!Mom says there is no ice tea.do you want some cool water?

Abuelo!!!!!! Mamá dice que no hay té helado,¿Quieres agua fresca?

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Mum says there is no ice tea. Do you want some cool water? - Issabela, MAR 11, 2010
mom says there is, some cold.. - 00494d19, MAR 11, 2010
It could be mum or mom depending on which English speaking country you come from. - Nathaniel, MAR 11, 2010

El abuelo empiezaba a apestar, tenemos dos cosas por hacer. O decir que está muerto o lavarle. Decidimos lavarle.

Grandpa starts to stink, we have two things to do. Either say he is dead or wash him. We chose to wash him.

Corrijame por favor. wink

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el, a apestar, o decir ..o lavarle. - 00494d19, MAR 11, 2010

Después de que el niño termine de sorprender al hombre, el hombre empezará a sorprender al niño.

After the boy finishes surprising the man, the man will begin surprising the boy.

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termine - 00494d19, MAR 11, 2010
:) - 00494d19, MAR 11, 2010

This is for telling me to stop watching TV and play outside.

Esto es por decirme que no mire más tv y que juegue afuera.

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Esto es por decirme que no mire más tv y que juegue afuera :) - Benz, MAR 11, 2010
Gracias, I was way off! - Morethan3words, MAR 12, 2010

Abuelito, no pienso que éste vaya a funcionar! No vas a crecer pelo así

Grandfather, I don't think this is going to work! You're not going to grow hair like this!

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Kid: It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is boiling, he looked up ahead and a bucket fell on his head and he couldn't get up in the morning!

Niño pequeño: ¡Es lluvia, es verter, el mayor hombre es punto de ebullición, él ver mas adelante y un cubo cayó en él's cabeza y él no se podía levantar en la mañana!

Please correct the spanish!

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Abuelita me dijo que no le gusta el calor.

¡No te preocupes, te puedo ayudar!

Grandma told me you don’t like the heat.

Don’t worry, I can help you!

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Corregid mi español, por favor! ¡Gracias! - Rolest, MAR 11, 2010

Su abuelo se duerme como un tronco.

"Hora de despertar", él murmuró de una manera traviesa.

His grandfather sleeps like a log.

"Time to wake up," he murmured mischievously.

Corrigen mi español, por favor. Correct my Spanish, please.

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Ducha del pobre. "abuelo estas mojado" shower of the poor. "grandpa your wet"

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estás, you're - 00494d19, MAR 11, 2010
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