What is your opinion on bullfighting? / Que opinas sobre los toros?

What is your opinion on bullfighting? / Que opinas sobre los toros?


What is your opinion on bullfighting? (choose one)

You like it. Why? (choose one)

  • Because it's artistic
  • Because it's an exciting sport
  • Because you like the hispanic culture
  • Because it's a ritual of life and death
  • Other reasons... (list the reasons)

You don't like it. Why not? (choose one)

  • Because it's boring
  • Because it's cruel
  • Because you don't understand or comprehend it
  • Because it's dangerous
  • Other reasons... (list the reasons)

You don't have an opinion.

Thank you.

En español: ¿Qué opinas sobre los toros? (eligir uno)

Me gustan (eligir uno)

  • Porque son artísticos
  • Porque es un deporte emocionante
  • Porque me gusta la cultura hispana
  • Porqu es un ritual de la vida y la muerte
  • Otras razones...

No me gustan (eligir uno)

  • Porque son aburridos
  • Porque son crueles
  • Porque no los comprendo
  • Porque son peligrosos
  • Otrras razones...

    No tengo opinión


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2 Answers


I don't like it:

  • Because it's cruel
  • Because i don't understand the use or the fun of it
  • Because it's dangerous and stupid

Sorry I couldn't pick only 1. They all fit very well smile

If I really, really have to stick with one then that would be:

  • Because it's cruel
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posted by Alrisaera

Personally, I think it is rather cruel to the bull... bullfighters don't kill the bull straight away, they throw javelins at it, run it around in circles, leap onto its back, cut it with a knife as it runs by, and when it is too exhausted to chase the matador around anymore, it's throat is cut. Of course, popular culture hides that aspect of it... Worse, it is simply slaughter for the sake of entertainment, not for food. The (traditionally) sand filled circular amphitheater with its high walls to protect the audience hearkens back to the Colosseum, when people butchered other people for entertainment.

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Have you ever been to a bullfight? I have never seen a bullfighter jump on the bull's back... - LuisaGomezBartle, MAR 10, 2010
I have seen the "picadores", "banderilleros"...but never a "jumping matador". - LuisaGomezBartle, MAR 10, 2010
You should go, just once, in order to see what it's really like (your description is wildly inaccurate). - samdie, MAR 11, 2010
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